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Bible Gateway is wonderful Bible website with multiple versions of the Bible available:
Bible Gateway

Bible Hub is another wonderful Bible website with multiple versions of the Bible available.Another nice feature is that on the home page you can put in a topic or a Strong’s Concordance Number.:

Bible Hub

 Blue Letter Bible is another Bible website.  It differs in that  the interlinear part of the site is integrated into the verses using letters next to the verse.  When you choose a study tool it gives the information under the verse:

Blue Letter Bible

Interlinear Bibles

Bible Hub has an interlinear Bible (it only available in KJV) which provides a multiple of important tools.
On the top of page, you would put in the verse. By hitting enter you will go to the verse. The first line is the Strong’s Concordance number.  The second line is the English pronunciation of the Greek word. The third line is the Greek or Hebrew words.  The fourth line is the English translation.  The fifth line is the grammar information.  Anything in blue can be clicked on for additional information:
Bible Hub Interlinear

Jewish Texts

The Babylonian Talmud
Babylonian Talmud

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