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The Gospel of John

The library has several copies of this wonderful movie. It can also  be found on Gospel of John on You Tube. Advertisements

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Buying Books…and other things

There are lots of places on the Internet to buy books; however one web site that compiles the locations and purchase information for these materials is: http://www.dealoz.com You can search … Continue reading

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Bible Collection

Did you know that this series of 12 DVD’s are available on Youtube as well as residing in the SLBC Audiovisual collection?  The library owns some of the DVDs but … Continue reading

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Welcome, SLBC Students!

Welcome to the SLBC Library website and blog!  Library staff will use the blog to bring you some interesting hints and tips about new things in the library and new … Continue reading

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MnKnows resources

MnKnows (www.mnknows.org)is a great site to use when doing research, esp.  It consists of 5 different sections, 3 of which will be most helpful to SLBC students. MnLink (union, that … Continue reading

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Post #2

This is another post! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi erat metus, adipiscing accumsan aliquam id, viverra et lorem. Vivamus magna lectus, volutpat sit amet ullamcorper eu, … Continue reading

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