Spiritual Life Bible College Library slbc

Bible college library

Library Catalog

The SLBC Library catalog or OPAC (online public access catalog) is only available within the library and only when the desk computer is logged on to the online system.

The catalog has 5 different search approaches in the “Easy Word Search” section – any of the searches can be combined with one or all of the others by checking the boxes.  Experiment with the advanced search feature which allows more narrowing of your search.

Author-author is easiest to use when looking for all works by a specific author or when looking for a particular work when the author’s correct name is known but not the exact title.

Title-is most useful when the exact title of the work is known and is specific, not like Works or the name of a book of the Bible

Subject-will yield a broad range of items but only if the search is based on the exact subject heading used to catalog the item

Keyword-the broadest search, will find particular words in both subject headings and titles and author’s names, i.e. any field in the catalog record.


Also note the mediagraphy tab which allows you to compile a list of resources and then sort by several factors and print the list.





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