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The Spiritual Life Bible College Library provides information resources in print, electronic and audiovisual formats to support the SLBC curriculum, primarily in the areas of Bible, theology, Christian world view and preparation for ministry, but also to a lesser extent in general education. The library also supports the spiritual and personal growth of the students and instructs in information literacy so  students are equipped to be life long learners. Each year the library tries to add an additional major service or acquisition to benefit its users.

Please note that the SLBC Library’s catalog or OPAC is not available outside of the library-you must be in the library to search our resources.

The library is housed on the ground floor of the SLBC building in two rooms equipped with comfortable study areas as well as an adequate number of computers for student use for writing research papers, accessing the library catalog or accessing the Internet for research and other purposes. Students may also use their own laptop computers in the library. A copier/printer is available for student needs at low cost. Students can also check out small tape recorders, and access all course syllabi as well as a sample of the creedal format. A dvd/video player with headphones is available for viewing materials from the A-V collection.

In addition to SLBC Library resources, students can use the SLBC Library computers to access their public library system for electronic resources or access the MnLink union catalog for statewide access to library collections for Interlibrary Loan. MnLink includes the library collections of Minnesota public library systems, the University of Minnesota and other higher education institutions state wide including theological colleges and seminaries. Students may also access DOAJ or ELM for free access to online databases that include ebooks and  newspaper and journal articles or explore limited access to University of Minnesota Library electronic resources.

Library staff is not available during the day; librarians are available for student needs each class night to assist with research and informational queries. Library privileges are available to all SLBC students and staff with library access for church and community members at a very low annual fee.